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Girls Who Gig Alone.

I have to admit that my blog activity has been lacking lately. But I recently read a blog by a fellow female blogger and suddenly found myself compelled to ramble again. Her blog examined the phenomenon of freaky girl fans who take ownership of male bands to the point of psychosis. This got me thinking……do [...]

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Rockshow – A clever reminder from McCartney

We all know that as far as The Beatles were concerned, the PR was down to Paul. Regardless of how playful the others were in public, Paul would rein it in, like everyone’s Dad. In front of the camera he was and still is, always the consummate professional. So when I settled into my big [...]

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James McCartney at The Cavern….was it too soon?

When James McCartney emerged onto the Cavern stage on Tuesday night, I, along with numerous other audience members, admitted to feeling a little bit sorry for him. The general consensus of opinion seemed to be that he had put himself under a lot of pressure by booking The Cavern as one of his first solo [...]

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Lazing on a Sunday afternoon

Now I don’t need much of an excuse to get my backside down to the Cavern, so when Mum and Dad decided to stay over last weekend, it was a good opportunity to check out the What’s On guide and organise some typically Scouse entertainment, i.e. a band and a beer. At 1pm on Sunday, [...]

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Not 1…Not 2…Not 3…!

It’s a rare breed of musician that has played ALL FOUR incarnations of the Cavern Club…and as promised, Cavern Blog has delivered. A massive thank you goes to local rocker Keith Hubbard for helping me with this fantastic blog. Opened by entrepreneur Alan Synter in 1957 as a jazz club, Liverpool’s Cavern Club later became [...]

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Keeping it Beat!

Tony O’Keeffe is well known around Liverpool for being the drummer of The Shakers, resident band at the Cavern Club, and lovers of all things Beat. Tony has a long history of involvement with the Mersey Sound and is passionate about what Beat music means to Liverpool. Much to my delight, Tony has written an [...]

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Blogging from across The Pond

The Cavern Blog is very happy to welcome its first guest blogger!! I was really touched to get an email from Susan from New Orleans, who, following a very personal and emotional trip to Liverpool back in 2008, now considers it to be her second home. Susan was drawn here by Julian Lennon’s White Feather [...]

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On The Waterfront

I’ve decided to shake things up a bit and jump forward a couple of years. You probably know that Paul McCartney has this week completed his ‘On The Run’ tour with a closing gig at Liverpool’s Echo Arena. I didn’t go. I had a number of reasons for not going. When I found out when [...]

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Step Inside Love…

Well, I’ve been thinking about this for long enough, so at last, here it is. My Cavern Blog. A place for ramblings which I hope will eventually uncover the answer to my question….”What is it about Liverpool?” Everytime someone asks me where I’m from and why I live in Liverpool, they are always amazed at [...]

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